Form submission - correct POST reply, but no entry on the submissions page

Hi, @Filipe. Thank you for this input. I personally disagree that we don’t document this well enough.

We do have support guides about service workers, for example the one below:

The issue had nothing to do with Netlify. This was a React.js issue only. I don’t think it is Netlify’s job to do documentation for React.js.

The service worker issue you experienced would affect any form submissions regardless of where the site was hosted, not just form submissions at Netlify.

This means that the issue wasn’t about Netlify at all. It was about service workers and React. We don’t do documentation for React itself. We do documentation and support for Netlify.

Here is the problem with “clear and as-exhaustive-as-possible documentation”:

  • There are hundreds of static site generators (SSGs) which can be used to build sites at Netlify.

There is also more than one way to use some static site generators. Adding more complexity, these static site generators are often under active development and new static site generators are created each month.

You are now talking about creating and maintaining documentation for hundreds of specific SSGs and their various configuration. Our company doesn’t have the resources to document each SSG completely. There are documentation projects for the SSGs themselves (in most cases) and that is the best place for this kind documentation.

Our support team covers the Netlify specific issues and we’ll answer questions about other topics as long as they are covered by our scope of support. If you do have questions about Netlify, please let us know.