Form parameters not being saved

Hi. I’m having trouble with a contact form I’m creating. What’s happening is that each time I submit my form, I see an entry show up in “Verified Submissions”. However, each of those submissions do not include the data from the form fields. Using the Firefox developer tools, I inspected the POST request and confirmed that the form params are being passed up. Also, the form I’m using is a direct copy of the form on this page:

I looked at the troubleshooting steps, but they don’t seem to help. My form and each form field have a “name” attribute. Since the submissions are showing up in “Verified Submissions”, it doesn’t appear like it’s an Akismet issue.

Does anyone know what might be going on?

If someone wants to see the form, here’s a link to it:


Did you put the netlify attribute in the form according to the directions?

"add a netlify attribute or data-netlify="true" to the <form> tag

When I looked at the forms for contact and engineer -- neither have these form-tag attributes.

i.e. <form data-netlify="true" name="form-name" value="contact">

The “data-netlify” attribute is in my source code, 100%. It is just a straight copy from the form docs. However, I’m not seeing it in when I inspect the source of the site. I would suspect that Netlify, when they process the page, is removing that attribute at the same time as they are adding the “form-name” hidden input, but I’m not sure.

I just got it to work. I added the following attribute to my form tag:


The docs do mention that a form needs to be encoced this way, but I thought it was the default. Since the attribute wasn’t in the official example, I didn’t think it was needed. Apparently that was incorrect.

Great glad you got it working. And yes, you’re probably right that they made that substitution during the build.

I wonder if the form attribute needs to include the application enctype because it’s being processed via JavaScript rather than in a language like PHP.