Form on my vue js website can't be detected

Hey guys, forms on my website are not detected automatically, however everything is configured well. Please assist

@ddimasto Netlify requires that your form exist within the HTML of a file produced by your build to be automatically detected, it doesn’t execute your JavaScript and thus if your form is produced at runtime it won’t see it.

Checking the source for your index.html I don’t see a <form> tag:

You can adjust your build so that a version of the form is output hidden into the html, or you can add a static html file with a version of the form on a page that you never link to.

Not quite sure that I have understood , could you please check my Repo and just let me know which file should I fix . THank you so much! GitHub - ddimasto/first-APP

@ddimasto There’s no specific file which is wrong or needs to be fixed, it’s just that you need to have a version of your form that Netlify can actually see, one that isn’t only being rendered at runtime with JavaScript.

There’s further explanation here:

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@ddimasto I can see you’ve added a form.html file to the root of your repository.

This won’t work because Netlify doesn’t check your “source files” to locate forms, it checks your “output files”… e.g. The directory that your build has set as the Publish directory.

In you case, that folder is the dist folder, and when I run your build, I can see that it does not end up with the form.html file within it.


If you’re going to use the form.html file to define the form so that Netlify can see it, you will need to ensure that it ends up in your dist folder.

Thank you so much, you are a real hero! Resolved

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