Form in Nuxt 3 somehow not detected by Netlify

Hello, site in question is here, form at the bottom above footer.

The project is a static HTML render using Nuxt 3 and the form element contains the netlify attribute (also tried data-netlify). According to docs this attribute should be removed when Netlify correctly detects the form, and since it is not, I guess the problem is somewhere around the detection itself. I’ve also tried adding the hidden field even though the form is static HTML, but to no effect. The form doesn’t show at all in the Netlify Forms UI.

The mechanism for submitting the form is AJAX,although that probably doesn’t matter as it’s not picked up at all.

The problem was building with npm run build instead of npm run generate, with dist folder as the output.

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HI @zrooda,

Thanks for updating your post and providing the solution you used to resolve the issue.