Doesn't work form detection on site Nuxt 3

On my site, doesn’t work form detection. Site developed on Nuxt 3. In form, I used all atributes: ‘netlify’ and ‘data-netlify=“true”’. Nothing does work.
For publishing the site I use the follow command ‘npm run generate’ and I see my pages in a repository on netlify.
What I do wrong?

@Ivan_Major The support guide is here:

Despite having used generate depending on what is being produced you may be missing this:

Run your build locally then inspect the files that are created and ensure that there is a plain HTML form that Netlify could detect.

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Thank you for your answer!
I solved my problem. Netlify sees my form! But now I have another problem: my form has an error 404 within the submission.
I had put to the form netlify-honeypot=“bot-field” and as in documentation.
Can you help me?

@Ivan_Major You should work carefully through the support guide that I posted the link to.

Something I’ve spotted is that your form isn’t submitting a form-name:

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Thank you for your help!)
My form started work!)