Forestry cache file not updating with jekyll compress images plugin


Build time for my Jekyll site is very slow (~20 min). The image optimizer I’m using has a cache file (_compress_images_cache.yml) where it keeps a track of images that it optimized. Every time it optimizes an image it adds the image path to the file and it works fine on the local install. However, when a new image is added through Forestry, the cache file is not updated…so the plugin keeps optimizing the images over and over.

Is there a way to suppress an update of the cache file? I can’t find anything in the docs. Thank you!

Hi @Matt_Holmes,

Sorry for taking long on this thread. Unfortunately, the plugin is not created or maintained by Netlify. Would it be possible for you to post the question on the plugin’s repo as we’re not able to directly provide support regarding anything about how the plugin works.