Font awesome not showing up in deployed site (R markdown)

This is the link to the site:
And github repo is here:

In _site.yml, there is one fa logo specified (line 22-24), which appears when I knit the site locally on my machine. But disappears after it is deployed via netlify.

I have looked through pages of help on here and stack overflow, but nothing that would make sense.

@AHM Welcome to the Netlify community.

This appears to be happening because Font Awesome isn’t on the path you specify in your page code. Neither FA style sheets is loading.

To fix this, either move the FA stylesheets to the location specified in your code, change your code to point to the actual location, or load FA via CDNJS (or Font Awesome, if you have a version 6 license).


Here is the link to documentation for R markdown sites:

It says that the _site.yml file contains the header info. Since I want the FA to appear on the header, I have inculded it in this file (second screencapture). I am clearly missing something here. Can you please pinpoint to which file you are referring to as the ‘page code’? So that I can make sense of how this works.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate the time and help.

@AHM By “page code” I am referring to the code on the page served by Netlify – the final product of whatever build process one uses.