Folders and files missing from deploy causing 404

Hey All,

I did read the following post:

I also downloaded the artifact after the deploy. The deployment is missing the following folders one can see in the repository: website/open at main · mechanical-ink/website · GitHub

The index.html is there but neither of the two folders. This is causing a 404 when clicking on the “DevelopToolchest” link here Mechanical Ink - Open Source. Open Culture.

Not sure why those folders are being excluded from the deployment. Your assistance will be appreciated. Thanks!

Not sure if the following link is useful, but thought I would provide it:

Hi @schalk_neethling, thanks for the post.

Looks like you missed adding open/developer-toolchest/index.html and open/the-mycelium-network/index.html to your parcel build command.

Kindly change the code of your current build script in the package.json file to the code below. Your DevelopToolchest link and any links that point to the-mycelium-network should display as expected after redeployment.

"build": "parcel build index.html open/index.html open/developer-toolchest/index.html open/the-mycelium-network/index.html"

Let me know the outcome.


Nice catch, @clarnx! I guess it is time to take the plunge and switch this website to 11ty :slight_smile: It will not be good to manage all of these entry points as they will continue to grow. :+1: Thanks so much.

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Hello @schalk_neethling, glad I was able to help.

You can actually shorten the code to the below

"build": "parcel build index.html 'open/**/*.html'"

The glob pattern 'open/**/*.html' will search and build all html files in the open directory and containing sub-directories.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the insightful support here, @clarnx. Happy building, @schalk_neethling :raised_hands:

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