File collection relationships are not loading

Following the examples here:

Here are my relations:

- name: blog
label: Blog
folder: _data/blogs
slug: '{{year}}-{{month}}-{{day}}-{{slug}}'
create: true
  - { name: entityType, label: EntityType, widget: hidden, default: blog}
  - {
      label: Template,
      name: template,
      widget: hidden,
      default: Blog,
  - name: path
    label: Path
    widget: string
    pattern: [/]
    hint: "Path must start with /"
  - { name: date, label: Date, widget: datetime }
  - { name: title, label: Title }
  - name: categories
    label: Categories
    widget: relation
    collection: page-settings
    file: blog-settings
    valueField: blog-settings.*.category
    displayFields: [blog-settings.*.category]
    multiple: true
  - label: Meta Description
    name: metaDescription
    widget: text
    required: false
  - { name: Header, label: header, widget: string}
  - { name: Sub Header, label: sub-header, widget: string}
  - label: Image
    name: portrait
    widget: image
    hint: "Image size 1280x800 works best :)"
    required: true
        multiple: false
  - { name: body, label: Body, widget: markdown }
  - { name: video-link, label: Video URL, widget: string }

- name: page-settings
label: Page Settings
  - name: gallery-settings
    label: Gallery Settings
    file: gallery-settings.json
    format: json
      - name: gallery-settings
        label: Gallery Types
        widget: list
          - { name: category, label: Category Name, widget: string, required: true }

  - name: blog-settings
    label: Blog Settings
    file: blog-settings.json
    format: json
      - name: blog-settings
        widget: list
        label: Blog Types
          - { name: category, label: Category Name, widget: string, required: true }

I feel like I must have done something wrong, but it seems correct to me. The categories do not load into the relation list.

Turns out I was on an older version of netlify-cms-app. Realized that file collection relationships were not added until this:

Thanks for sharing the solution, @vimproved. This information may end up being very helpful to others with similar errors and we appreciate you taking the time to post an update with the solution you found.