Feature requests - what do you already love, what could be better?

Hey @HyperTesto,

Not the first time we’ve heard this one, either! I’ve added your voice to the open feature request.

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Hi Luke! Any chance you could publish an update regarding this “Deployable Naming Convention” feat? It’s quite of an stopper for us right now. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Nothing to report as of yet, @afontcu :frowning: Thanks for checking in!


In Asset optimization, I think it could be worth adding an extra step for something like PurgeCSS.

It will navigate through html and css files on the “public” folder containing the generated site, remove unused css and then Bundle CSS will make a bundle.css file and it will be minified by Minify CSS step.

I have Hugo projects and it could be super handy for me (and for the bandwidth consumption, of course)

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Hey @aladagemre,

Very interesting scenario! This might be tricky to implement flawlessly, given different methods of calling style sheets. It could be called from a JS file, for example.

We’d perhaps have to navigate the entire publish directory and search for any match to a stylesheet which could be quite timely for larger deploys.

This might be achievable with a Build Plugin; I think you could execute it onBuild which would occur before post-processing but after your build command.

Happy to discuss this further and/or get a feature req raised! Would love the input of others on this one :+1:.

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It would be awesome if we could have the ability to organize our serverless functions into directories - similar to Vercel functions and like the question that was asked here: Am I able to organise my functions into folders?.

That would be especially nice for large projects that have a lot of serverless functions.

Thank you!

hi @samwell! thanks for writing in. I chatted a little bit about this with some teammates, and we’d love to hear more about what your use case is? Are you looking to have separate js files in actual directories, or? tell us as much as you can about what you are trying to accomplish and why this would be beneficial, so we can evaluate your request a bit more. thanks!


There were two things I thought might be worth mentioning here.

First, I’ve been trying to make a personal website using elm. However, I ran into some issues, so I made a post about it. I got no replies, but I realized my support post might honestly qualify as a feature request? Anyways, I have no idea how netlify’s build environment works but if “elm make” still works in the system, I thought it might be nice to add it to the official documentation (which I linked in my original post). However, if you’re doing that it might be wise to add versioning for “elm make” to the netlify config file, and that might be a little more complicated. I personally have been doing everything in my power to steer clear of npm and Elm seemed like the ideal way to do that. Can you guys at least update the Elm version?

Second, once I realized my post probably wasn’t going to get a reply, I started looking into trying to find the right person to contact; while I found a couple of the support engineers, I noticed I couldn’t send them direct messages, which is normally a thing on Discourse. I am assuming that the DM feature is locked down (for obvious reasons) but while looking I realized something useful.

Last year I spent a while working with Namebase to set up their Discourse and I found that you could personalize the Discobot welcome message. One of my areas of expertise is group dynamics. Odds are, you guys have a clear idea of how you generally are trying to integrate new members into the community (eg. these permissions after these many days, we want people to be helping by doing xyz things, etc); the welcome message from the Discobot is an excellent way to centralize information about how you being a community member here works. As an example, perhaps community members are kept from ever using the direct messaging function so that any questions they might ask can benefit the rest of the community. I don’t know how you guys have structured your onboarding process, but the discobot is a missed opportunity.

Sorry this is so long, wasn’t planning on it, but I hope this is all valuable feedback!

Hi, @modestmc, I did reply on the Elm request topic just now. It wasn’t a “help my site is down” situation and a long-standing issue so we did respond more slowly than we might have to a different topic/subject.

About the “private messages” (as Discourse calls them), they are unlocked automatically at “trust level 1” which happens organically as people use this site. There is more about the Discourse trust levels here:

I’ve made sure you were moved to level 1 now so PMs/DMs are enabled now for you.

I’m letting the “boss of all things community”, aka @perry, know about your suggestions for updating the Discobot messaging as well. Thank you for pointing that out!

About the feature request, there is an open issue on the public GitHub repo for the netlify/build-image for Elm 0.19.1 support.

To summarize, you did everything correctly and it just took us a bit longer than usual to respond. :+1:

Hey @luke,

Thanks for getting back to me, I replied to your post. Handing incoming requests by priority level makes perfect sense, particularly for some longstanding issue about a niche language. I’ve been the help desk guy lol.

Clear expectations go a long way with customer support; I’d have had no problem waiting a couple days if I knew what was up and that I’d get an eventual reply (or what to do if I didn’t get one/ when to do it). Providing that kind of context on how you guys are currently operating is an excellent sort of thing to stick into the Discobot welcome message, as is noting that you guys use the standard discourse trust level system (or at least pointing out what discourse stuff you have that’s stock and what’s aftermarket lol).

I shill Netlify all the time, so I’m excited to get to dig into what’s under the hood. I do tech consulting here and there, my rule is that the ideas are free but the specifics are where I charge. I’d be curious to learn more about your general user flow for open source development, I’d have tried monkeying with the build-image last year if I’d known about it.

Anyways, thanks again for your time and I’m eager to fix this issue.


When refreshing the Netlify Analytics page, the view defaults to 30 days. There is no option to either:

A) Default to a different time-frame
B) Link to a separate page with a different time-frame

This means that any time I’d like to view my website analytics, I must first go to the default 30-day page view, then click and change the time-frame.


It could be a nice performance feature to support HTTP2 Prioritization (https://github.com/andydavies/http2-prioritization-issues).

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A way to upload files on mobile would be great. If I am away it would be great to be able to deploy an update to my site without needing to get into the desktop site on a PC. Drag and Drop is currently the only way to upload files and as it isn’t supported on most mobile browsers it isn’t possible to do so. If there was an option to browse instead of drag and drop (even if it was only on mobile) that would be great. I understand that this probably isn’t there for a reason, but thought I’d ask.

hi @et-studios - we have an open feature request to it, and i have just added your voice to it. I will definitely let you know if/when we implement. It would be a nice feature to have, i agree completely.

Fewer people have access to the Netlify UI than the code repository is one reason

Hi @perry. Our DevOps team would love to be able to mask environmental variables at Settings -> Build and Deploy -> Environment. By masking we mean we would like to hide content of the variable once it was added. Azure DevOps have this feature:

You can only replace existing env var value with new value, but you can not view currently configured value. We need this for some production sensitive keys.



Hey @devops_wcl,

Is that because there are people who have access to the site who don’t need it? If so, you may want to revise what sites each collaborator can see.

If there are people who have access to the site but shouldn’t see the variables, then I understand this request :slight_smile:

Alternatively, is there any workaround in adding these to the netlify.toml file for the site (assuming that your Git provider permissions are adequate to protect the env vars)?

Hi @Scott , thank you for the comment. We are indeed in a situation where people who have access to the site shouldn’t see the variables. I don’t think adding variables to toml file would solve the issue because developers have access both to git and netlify site.

Comment (this seemed to be the most approrriate place): I’m probably being a bit of a nit picker, but the function status notice in the control panel just doesn’t seem right to me.


9 Lambda functions actively running in *production".

As function are event driven ‘running’ is not the correct term and sttod out to me as worrying. Functions only run when triggered and then for a limited time (except the new background ones).

Perhaps “active” would be better?

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