Failed to decode downloaded font

Since a build this afternoon I seem to be getting corrupt font files which won’t load in browser. The errors I get for each font file:

Failed to decode downloaded font
OTS parsing error: invalid sfntVersion

Nothing has changed from my repo except for creating a new post (which is rendering correctly) and reverting doesn’t seem to fix the issue either. These fonts have been on my site for a while and I’ve not experienced issues like this before.

Any help appreciated!

Worth mentioning that I use git lfs which again seems to be working fine and not throwing any errors during build.

This thread has solved it for me for the moment. I’ve added a git lfs pull at the start of my build scripts.

This feels like an issue with GIT_LFS_FETCH_INCLUDE though which I currently have as a wildcard. Has this changed at all on Netlifys side?

Hi @kh-c, thanks for coming back and letting us know what helped solve your issue. We appreciate the feedback. (: This will help other users who encounter similar issues.