Extend timeout for Netlify functions request

Hi, we would like to increase timeout for all the sites under Muly Oved Team to 26 Sec.

Hi @Nitin_Gupta,

Could you provide the team slug or the name of one of the sites on the team?

Hi Melvin, this is the slug name for the team => muly-oved

Hi thanks for sharing this. I increased the function timeout for your sites. Can you re-deploy to see this take effect.

Think I could get in on this extended timeout for functions on site id 0ee4f6ae-72b8-4121-abcb-3d2452fe5047?

Hi @kmstudios,

Thanks for reaching out! We’ve increased the function time limit to 26 seconds (the maximum). You’ll need to re-deploy the site for the change to take effect.

@support: Can you please update function timeout for site ID cfe3cdaf-e65f-47a8-9d24-8f79945e7428 to 26 seconds? Thanks!

@roecks, this is done, please re-deploy.

@support Can you please update the function timeout for Site: “netberry-next”, ID: 72272a6f-e009-4276-9e51-fab1fcffa1ae to something more than 30 secs?
We are already on the pro plan.

Hi, already made this change for you. Please re-deploy to see this take effect.

Hi there @SamO - we are also on the pro tier. Could you please increase functions limit to 26 sec for sites:

  • 58498120-b12b-4140-ac0a-d7bbb9074dee


  • ac85b61b-91ed-4ac7-bdd9-347c9a2beb71

Hi @matchspacemusic,

Thanks for reaching out! I’ve increased the function time limit to 26 seconds for site ac85b61b-91ed-4ac7-bdd9-347c9a2beb71. You’ll need to re-deploy the site for the change to take effect.

For site 58498120-b12b-4140-ac0a-d7bbb9074dee, I’m showing that the function time limit is already at 26 seconds.

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Hi @SamO,

For production it seems to work but on dev is still failing, how can I increase those 10 seconds in dev?


HI @CRGavrila,

Have you performed a re-deploy of the dev branch?

Hi can you also add the 26 timeout to site 67a4e8d7-bac0-4187-8403-4cce41f61f9f please? @Melvin

Hi @Melvin ,

Sorry for miss understanding I mean localhost when I run functions locally thanks.

On another note I get in production one error regarding lambda runtime:

[ERROR] [1701435351812] LAMBDA_RUNTIME Failed to post handler success response. Http response code: 413.

Dec 1, 02:55:51 PM: 98ba4cf0 Duration: 6251.63 ms Memory Usage: 195 MB

Best regards!

Hi, your site is already at the max. If you are not seeing this can you please re-deploy?

Hi, I’m a Pro member

can I please get the 26s timeout for functions in this app:


@SamO @Melvin

Hi @dima1 I have upgraded your timeout. please re-deploy to see this take effect!

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Can you please increase timeout for site ID: c5744799-ecc8-4c38-b41d-8478a32c3a88