Extend 15min max build time to 30min

Thanks so much for the quick follow-up. Really appreciate it!

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Hi @hillary, @perry :wave:

I’m looking at getting my build time increased to 60 mins for stupefied-shockley-17183b please. Would that be possible? I’ve updated the card on file in the billing section.


Hey there, @tweedman :wave:

We have completed this request for you. Happy building!

Thanks so much! :smiley: Much appreciated

Hello, I also need more minutes because my build won’t pass otherwise.

My app: codeally.io

Here’s the link to the thread I made: More build time

hi there adam,

we can definitely bump up your build timeout if you would like us to, but what i am seeing in your build log seems unrelated to build times:

5:56:13 AM: Failing build: Failed to build site
5:56:13 AM: Finished processing build request in 13m0.180560435s

if the issue were related to build times, we’d see that reflected in the total build time number there at the bottom. if you search for “137” you will see there are a number of topics on this issue, maybe there is something in there that is helpful for you to troubleshoot!

this is a nice general guide you might take a look at:

Can i have an update on that? I still have issues due to not enough build time.

hi there @Elatardev , we have bumped you up to 1 hr build time, can you try again and see if your builds go through now?

Hi, can someone please increase build time for site d738e1a2-4027-4fc4-a012-278353270aea to 1h minimum please. :pray:

we got you bumped - you are now at 30 mins, enjoy!

Thank you for the fast response! That was enough and the build went through.

@perry I’m a bit worried that I’m seeing this error although it says Published:

Error running command: Command did not finish within the time limit

Total time: Build time: 48m 33s. Total deploy time: 51m 5s.

Can we increase the time limit a bit further please? Afraid we might encounter the error soon.

hi there, you are now at 1hr! if you need to go 1hr, we can potentially do that, but i’d recommend chatting with our sales team first as there may be a custom build package that might work out cheaper for you than extending your build time continously :slight_smile:

Thank you. Appreciate it!

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Hey @perry @hillary - would you be able to extend the time limit to 30mins for this one, please?

APP ID: 7f468e9d-d4eb-4984-a617-b8a5cb4cc93b

Also just thinking – the most of the time has been carried out by the cypress tests… is there any suggestions on improving the process here?

i.e build ~11min + cypress 12min

hi there, you are now at 30 minutes. As for cypress - i don’t think we have specific recommendations at this time, but if you are able to make any progress, we’d love to hear about it!

Hi @perry

Could I please have the build time increased to 30 minutes for site id dc8ceefe-0c93-4998-99dc-73b95670b216.

The build command itself is taking about 13-14 minutes, but it’s still hitting the 15 minutes overall.


hi there @bennor.mccarthy , sorry it took us a bit to get to you. You are now at 30 mins! as a business customer, do always feel free to reach out to us in the helpdesk as well. :+1:

Thanks mate. Appreciate the help.

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Hi there,

Can you extend the build time limit to 1 hour for the following sites:


Thanks you so much!