Export html files of a hugo site on github


first of all thanks for the great site!
I used it to create a site with hugo and that theme: https://themes.gohugo.io/airspace-hugo/
All hosted on github and managed with forestry. Everything worked great but I would love to get a html version of the built hugo site.
Tried to download my github rep. and build it locally with hugo but had no luck with that.
I am not very familiar with hugo/netlify/forestry and it is my first time using it. My Idea is to make so changes in the sites css (Have done some html and css stuff in the past).

Is there a way to get the “public” files on netlify?
Thank You!

You’d almost certainly want to start from the repo rather than modifying the output files from the site you’ve already built.

Obviously you can do what you prefer, but if I were you, I’d be working to troubleshoot your local hugo build since then you can change the source code following the recommendation in the hugo docs (https://gohugo.io/documentation/). Since you have a data source of forestry, any changes you make outside of git will not persist with your next content update via forestry, which seems pretty suboptimal to me!

So, while Netlify’s tech support team can’t really advise on how to update your local build environment in depth, our other customers can and we’ll certainly take a shot at advising at a high level once you share what specifically happens when you try what specific steps locally - I’d recommend pretending you have a new laptop, and saying something like:

“I installed Go version X, and node and npm versions Y and Z. I then tried to clone my repo using this command (quote command), and then tried to build my site from this repo (link to repo) using this command (quote command) and got this error (quote error message)”

That will give us more to work with when trying to help you troubleshoot. Better to overshare in all circumstances as long as it doesn’t include any secret credentials like password, API Token, or credit card :slight_smile:

But, if you want instead to literally export the files, you can likely do it from the icon shown here - on every successful build logs page is a link to download a copy of that build:

Thanks, that is exactly what I was looking for.
As of right now I woud have to make some pretty big changes in the theme itself in order to fit my needs.
So I want to just play around in html and css for some time and explore what I want before digging into changing the theme and builing it.
I’m sure there are better and faster ways to do this but I did not touch any website stuff for over 15 years and just started getting into it again :slight_smile: