Exclude specific directories from asset optimization

After extensive searching I’ve found nothing that allows excluding specific directories from asset optimization.

Built apps served at specific urls of a jekyll site are broken by optimization. Disabling optimization for the entire site fixes the issue, however this is not ideal as the site in general is not being optimized.

Figured I better double check here to see if this is somehow possible. Thanks.

hi there @COV-GIS , this would be a super nice idea, but at the moment it is not possible, sadly. What I can do is pass the request back to the product team, and if we end up implementing this we can let you know.

is there a specific reason why you would not want to optimize all of your assets apart from Jekyll acting up? :thinking: I wonder if we can tweak your Jekyll settings instead.

also, greetings to vernonia from portland! both @fool and I have spent time on the bike trail :mountain_biking_man:

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I’m deploying apps at specific directories/URLs which are not jekyll related. They are prebuilt and optimized ESM vite js apps. The optimization breaks the app from what I believe to dynamic imports in my code and in dependencies.

Thank you.

thank you! I’ve filed a feature request for you on this - I can’t say when/if work on this might get picked up, but i do believe that your use case makes a lot of sense. If work on this happens, we can let you know!