Asset Optimization Feature Still Running

You have said that the asset optimization feature is deprecated on October 17, but I just ran a build today (October 21) and post processing occurred, even though I have turned this off by using skip_processing = true in netlify.toml. This has incurred 2 extra build minutes to my build.

Site: main–

Can you look into this and check why the asset optimization feature is still running when it’s not meant to?

11:58:59 AM: Starting post processing
11:58:59 AM: Post processing - HTML
11:58:59 AM: Skipping form detection
11:59:00 AM: Minifying js bundle
11:59:00 AM: Minifying css bundle
11:59:05 AM: Minifying js bundle
12:01:06 PM: Minifying js bundle
12:01:24 PM: Post processing - header rules
12:01:25 PM: Post processing - redirect rules
12:01:25 PM: Post processing done
12:01:25 PM: Section completed: postprocessing
12:01:26 PM: Site is live ✨

This should now be resovled.

Thanks, this issue is resolved for this site, but is occurring on my other sites:


Could you please take a look? Thanks again.

Those should be fixed too.

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