Excessive Bandwidth Usage

totally valid feedback, thank you! I’ve brought it to our team’s attention. The intention of the product is NOT to overwhelm you with data, so I doubt we’ll be exposing all traffic in the way that our logging captures it, but it’s worth asking for :slight_smile:

Hi @fool,

I get that you don’t want to overwhelm people, but currently users are not receiving much benefit with the Netlify Analytics service versus what Google already provides for free. Sure, you get a definitive number on your page views rather than hoping that someone isn’t blocking the Google Analytics JavaScript, but that kind of stuff isn’t very insightful.

For $9+ a month, I want information I couldn’t get in Google, or I couldn’t easily get in Google. Bandwidth usage for assets is a good example of this.


@nraboy - totally get what you are saying. Analytics is an early product, so feedback is coming at a great time. We’ll pass it on.

I have a doubt.

lets say my account consumes 120GB/m i.e. 100GB free and i have purchased extra bandwidth $20/100GB pack.

remaining 80GB will carry forward to next month or not?


It will not carry over. Bandwidth allocations are all per-billing-cycle, so the one you bought is for this billing cycle only.

Thanks @fool for the info.

I have another question…

Are you planning to reduce to free 100GB BW in near future (say 6months).

because i started moving most of my static sites to netlify, so if you are planning to change free BW limit in near future…i need to re-think about moving my sites.


There is no immediate plan to reduce the amount of free bandwidth for free accounts. But, of course, that could change at any time.

I am not sure of this applies to you or not, but we do increase the free bandwidth to 400GB for open source projects. You can apply for an open source team here: https://opensource-form.netlify.com/

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My guess what is happening is that: Cloudflare is caching the static assets (js, css, webfonts) and new users download these assets directly from Cloudflare and therefore never hitting your DigitalOcean server.

This means the resource is only requested a few times from your origin server and the rest is handled by Cloudflare; NOT counting to your toal bandwith.

Contrary, in the Netlify case; the asset is also cached on the Netlify CDN however the bandwith is COUNTED against your total bandwith.

You could get the same behavior on Netlify if you would still use Cloudflare additionally:
-> User > Cloudflare > Netlify

In this case, the assets cached on Cloudflare would again not be counted against your total.


Thanks for spelling this out @MasterCassim. If that is true, this is a significant departure from the traditional CDN setup with a VPS. I had assumed Netlify’s CDN traffic would not count towards my bandwidth.

@nraboy is your site back down to expected bandwidth levels, or did you just manage to remain under acceptable limits? I see your site serves its bundles with hashed filenames and a long-term cache policy, and serves libraries like Bootstrap via Netlify’s must-revalidate cache strategy.

I’ve been using Netlify for over a year, and I just started using hashed filenames with long-term caching. My site feels snappier when loading assets from memory vs. Netlify 304’s. I got an alert a few days later about high bandwidth usage. I don’t see why my bandwidth shot up because in my case everything is bundled together. Prior to this change, any build would update the .js file which is the lion’s share of data. I guess I need to make sure these get cached in a CDN that doesn’t have bandwidth limits.

Hey @robert,

It appears that the bandwidth on my site has stabilized, but I’m not worry free about the whole thing.

The more content I publish, the higher the bandwidth. The concerning part is that more content could mean ~4 extra blog posts per month leading to more than 80% bandwidth usage. I suspect it is because rebuilding my site means each HTML page changes, but I don’t know.

In short though, after about a month or so on Netlify, my usage has dropped significantly.


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I have exactly same problem, 1 Gb day on Cloudflare turned to 25 GB /day with Netlify for a static site that I’m updating twice a month. Your magical cache article that is referred every where don’t make much help as well as analytics that don’t shows bandwidth usage. I will try to change _headers file to introduce long term caching for everything to see how it will go, but for now it looks for me that magical self invalidating caching bicycle not working so great for me as expected.

Hi, @noreff. Our support team would be happy to troubleshoot this with you. What evidence do you have that the cache invalidation is the issue? Would you please share that information with us?