Examples of Image CDN blurhash?

Are there any examples of how to use the Blurhash format available in the Image CDN?

It looks to me like the CDN is great for resizing/reformatting images, and returning them as image/* HTTP requests … so you can use them directly as URLs in your HTML frontend. However, the docs say that the Blurhash format returns a string (which you could then decode into an image format or data URI, etc.). But that probably shouldn’t happen on the client side, right? That information should be returned as part of the the initial HTML response so that users get a placeholder image to start, then a subsequent HTTP request fills in the images with the real versions.

At least, that’s how I figure folks would want it to work. So I’m curious about how people are using this feature. Any links to example code would be appreciated!

Image CDN won’t handle HTML pages and their response. Blurhash is only really useful when you have a build process that’s requesting images from a 3rd party server, converting them to blurhash and embeding them in your HTML source during the build itself. It’s not really useful during site’s runtime as opposed to other formats.