A few questions about Netlify Image CDN


first of all, let me thank you for such a great new feature, resizing images for responsiveness and performance will be much easier! :pray:

I have a few questions not answered in Netlify Image CDN | Netlify Docs

  • will the feature be available with no additional cost, even after the beta period?
  • is there a way to prevent image resizes above source dimensions?
  • will you support JPEG-XL?
  • can we hope for a position=auto based on image content?
  • can we hope for a (default?) quality=auto based on visual accuracy, computed with SSIMULACRA for example?

Thanks again, will definitely try this on one of my image heavy site ASAP!

Answered here: Netlify Image CDN Now in Beta

Free and fair pricing

During the beta period, we’re not charging for the Netlify Image CDN. We do, however, plan to charge for Netlify Image CDN when it becomes generally available. We’ll be sure to communicate timelines clearly and our prices will be fair, including offering a generous free tier.

Also answered in the blog post:

We’ve started with AVIF and WebP, which have the best browser support, but we’re excited by new formats like JPEG XL and will be keeping an eye on browser support for these.

Not right now.

We can add a feature request for these 2 (+ the prevent resizes point from above), but we don’t know if/when that would be implemented.

Thanks a lot for your answers, I did read the documentation but not the blog post. :pray:

Looking forward to knowing the “generous free tier”, but also the prices above… :smiley:

After an image is transformed, the result is uniquely cached on our edge and future requests for the same transformation will serve the cached asset. 

How enable longer cache time? Now it is ~2-5min.

The cache is same as our other assets. It’s dynamic and cannot be changed.

What are you trying to depict? I can see you’re using externally hosted images. Are you sure your image host server is responding in time for us to be able to serve the image fast?

its one picture ( https://candlehand.com/.netlify/images?url=https://api.candlehand.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/candlehand-set-home-1200x1200.jpg&w=600&h=600&fit=contain&fm=jpg&q=90 ).
Why is this picture being recreated over time?

It’s probably linked to the CDN somehow. Is the photo created on each server separately?

Cache is per CDN node and fighting against 100s of 1000s of other sites for cache. A same CDN node might not handle the request multiple times. Thus, cache status might differ on each request.

Hi! Just wanted to second this as a feature request, having some face detection or automated subject detection for crops (or even a way to specify the crop area or focal point manually) would be awesome.