Error when loading a NextJS page with server side function

Good day! We are encountering an issue that we hope someone can help us with. We’ve recently made some changes to our site with new pages + component updates. Nothing related to configurations or deployments. However, we are getting this error instead “Runtime.ImportModuleError - Error: Cannot find module ‘./getHandlerFunction’”.. We are using @netlify/plugin-nextjs 3.9.2. This only happens on our branch deploys and production one. Deploy preview sites are ok however. Anyone familiar with this problem?


Same here, also some images are not loading due to this error

Runtime.ImportModuleError - Error: Cannot find module '@netlify/functions' Require stack: - /var/task/.netlify/functions-internal/next_image/next_image.js - /var/task/next_image.js - /var/runtime/index.mjs

We didn’t even change somtething in the code. It was just article-update related deploy and suddenly errors started to appear.

That’s deprecated long ago and we don’t provide any support with it.


please share your site name.