Error: Runtime exited with error: signal: segmentation fault

Hello Support!

We recently deployed a website (NextJS 13.2 / SSG) and generally things are working very well! However, in reviewing the logs I am seeing lots of errors. It appears that the server is responding with a status code of 500 for things that should be a 404.

It’s also important to note that if I try to access these routes on my local I get a 404 (which is expected) however on production I get a 500 (not expected).

In digging through the production logs a bit I’m consistently seeing Error: /lib64/ version 'ZLIB_1.2.9' not found precede the file / route GET request. I’m not sure if this is related or not.

I have a branch I am working on hotfix-404-not-500 where I’m looking to create custom 404 and 500 error pages and address this 404/500 error issue. See deploy preview 318. I’ve created the new 404 and 500 pages, which work locally, however in the deploy preview I get an error of Runtime.ExitError - RequestId: f2d0a47e-8cc1-430b-88fb-188ce087ba6c Error: Runtime exited with error: signal: segmentation fault. Which id suspect point to the same issue.

If you’d like to test a sample route against my deploy preview or production you can try to hit /sites/default/files/AR-Genes-icon-280.png. This is an image that was served from the old website but not on the new one.

Any assistance you can provide would be great! Thanks.

Site Name: diagnosticsolutionslab


Could you upgrade to Runtime v5 to see it it solves this? You’d need Next.js 13.5+ for that.

Hi @hrishikesh yea, I was thinking about that as an option as well. Can I upgrade the runtime in a deploy preview without affecting production?