Error: Runtime exited with error: exit status 128

After upgrading our web application (Nuxt 3.8.1) today, we are getting error messages like this - on two of our /server/api routes. Here is one of the error logs we got inside the browser:

cause: FetchError: [POST] “/api/ferienprogramme”: 502 at async i (…/_nuxt/entry.8591044c.js:1:86134) at async Proxy.getFerienprogramme (
data: “{"errorType":"Runtime.ExitError","errorMessage":"RequestId: a02f8bb0-e2d3-4e6e-bd38-2770d3f26fca Error: Runtime exited with error: signal: segmentation fault"}”
fatal: false
statusCode: 502
statusMessage: undefined
unhandled: false
__nuxt_error: true
message: "[POST] "/api/ferienprogramme": 502 "

I asked Ask Netlify but did not get any helpful feedback, it could be kind of coding error. -
The code works on localhost and did work before the update today, too.
Ask Netlify suggested on exit status 128 to relink the repository, which a private one hosted on GitLab.

The API Endpoint works - tested using Postman.

  • How may we access the server side logs on Netlify Pro?
  • What side effects does relinking the repository have? I point an subdomain to the repository. Will the app be unavailable during relinking?

Thanks for any hint.

Kind regards,


Upon further investigation, I was able to fix the problem. A bug was introduced into the code which unfortunately delayed fetching the data, causing a computed property to break.

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