Error in host an extended hugo site with config.yaml

I don’t know the exact parameters to insert for deploying the site on netlify
the site uses: Hugo Static Site Generator v0.74.1/extended windows/amd64
and a config.yaml configuration file

hi there,

as long as you include your package.json file in your repo, we are likely going to be able to build it just fine.

How are you building locally? What commands and tools are you using?

Hi, thanks for your replay,
locally I use Hugo Static Site Generator v0.74.1/extended windows/amd64
and a config.yaml file

Here is the file:
baseURL: # Hosting location.
languageCode: en-us # Locale
title: Si # Name of the website
theme: Ec # Name of the theme
publishDir: docs # Output folder
author: # Information about the website author
facebook: “
twitter: “
email: “
name: “Si”
location: New York
phone: (999) 999-9999
hours: “Mon-Fri: 9:00AM - 6:00PM, ET”

menu: # Menu placement
main: # - Name of the menu
- identifier: about # - Identifier
name: About # - Display name (theme specific key)
url: /about # - Target URL
weight: 1 # - Sorting order
- identifier: contact
name: Contact
url: /contact
weight: 2
params: # Theme specific parameters
color: “#71B180
copyright: “Copyright © 2020 Si. All Rights Reserved.”
- title: About
content: SI
- title: Recent Blog Posts
recents: blog
recentCount: 7
- title: Contact Us
contact: true

right, but which build commands do you use to build and test your site locally?

just use: hugo server

I don’t know what to insert in build command and publish directory

well, we are going to need a little more information before we can troubleshoot.

What error are you seeing when you are trying to build and deploy your site?

have you worked through the docs on setting up a site as described here?

This Support Guide contains a ton of useful debugging tips that can likely help you solve your problem :slight_smile:

We also recommend trying to search the forums with the build error you encountered.

If you are still having problems, please provide as much information as you can on what you have already tried, what your build settings are, your package.json, etc. Thanks!

here my package.json;
“name”: “Eclectic”,

“version”: “1.0.0”,

“description”: “A theme for high performance customizable hugo websites.”,

“scripts”: {

"postinstall": "node postinstall.js"


“repository”: {

"type": "git",

"url": "git+"


“keywords”: [






“author”: “Atishay Jain”,

“license”: “MIT”,

“bugs”: {

"url": ""


“homepage”: “”,

“dependencies”: {

"include-media": "^1.4.9",

"line-awesome": "github:icons8/line-awesome"


“devDependencies”: {

"fs-extra": "^8.0.1"



thanks. you still haven’t told us what the error you are receiving, though, so we don’t really have enough information to help you. :slight_smile: