Build.command error, using Hugo

Hello, I am trying to deploy my hugo site on netlify. I am getting a build.command error.

My netlify site name is: priceless-bohr-6a69e4

The error message it get:

I use hugo extended and the version is v0.76.4/extended. I have tried to use hugo-extended as build command. When I use hugo-extended, I get “Command failed with exit code 127: hugo-extended” error

There’s no folder called content in your repo. That’s what the build error says.

I have a content folder in my repo. After I add netlify.toml in my repo, it instead says that there is no config file…

7:08:00 PM: Error: Unable to locate config file or config directory. Perhaps you need to create a new site.
7:08:00 PM: Run hugo help new for details.

Well, I’d need to see your repo to say anything further.

There’s something wrong with your Netlify config, like your base directory might be wrong, etc.

My repo was wrong, it is now solved

However, I continute to get this error message:
7:12:33 PM: Error message
7:12:33 PM: Command failed with exit code 255: hugo --gc --minify
7:12:33 PM: ​
7:12:33 PM: Error location
7:12:33 PM: In build.command from netlify.toml:
7:12:33 PM: hugo --gc --minify

You probably forgot to use the Extended version?