I’m recieving this error while opening my site using chrome:


this error mainly uccurs when i try to access site without typing www.
thought it loads smoothly including www. in the url
i’m using cloudflare cdn in proxied mode, as shown in this image

my domain name is and my netlify name is : elated-mcnulty-fb4e7e
and i have set my domain including www as primary domain.
any kind of help would be appreciated. i’ve done search in forum and google with no luck.

Since you are using Cloudflare, please take a look at this post: [Common Issue] Why isn’t my SSL certificate provisioning automatically with Cloudflare & Netlify? Are there other problems with using Cloudflare in front of Netlify?. There are a couple of things there that should help you resolve your issue.

Actually i guess i got rid of the problem by changing cloudflare settings from flexible to “full”

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thanks for sharing your solution, @mdbaniani!