Encoding page for mixed Thai/English Characters Problem

I recently signed up to Netlify (Netlify site name: inspiring-euclid-a3a47d.netlify.app) and transferred my small website from www.webs.com since they are ending their free web hosting soon.
My website has mixed Thai and English characters and I have used the tag [meta http-equiv=“Content-Type” content=“text/html; charset=windows-874”] to make sure the Thai script displays properly, which it does on the old Webs.com site.
However, on the new Netlify site, the Thai characters don’t display properly (they display as ‘strange’ characters). In Firefox browser, I have to manually select View> Text Encoding> Thai to get the Thai text to display properly. On the old Webs.com page the browser automatically detected the Thai script and selected Thai encoding. In Chrome browser, there is no way to change the text encoding, so it won’t display properly at all on Netlify, whereas it does on Webs.com.
What has changed at Netlify to give this character encoding problem and how do I get it to correctly display mixed Thai/English characters? Hope that makes sense.
You can see an example of the encoding problem here:
Thanks in advance for any advice/help.

Have you tried UTF-8 charset? It seems to support Thai characters: https://www.utf8-chartable.de/unicode-utf8-table.pl?start=3584&number=128&utf8=0x.

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Thanks for your reply. The browser automatically selects Unicode encoding on Netlify but doesn’t display the Thai text properly.
On the old webs.com website it automatically selects Thai encoding (presumably responding to the Thai meta tag I inserted in the HTML) and displays the text properly.
So on Netlify, even though the tag is there, it ignores it.

From what I see, it’s not getting ignored, rather, that’s jut how it is in your website’s source.

Source of your Webs website:

Source of your Netlify website:

Do you mind sharing your repo or something that you’re using to build the website?

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Hi hrishikesh,
Thanks for your reply. You mentioned in your reply about UTF8/Unicode which got me thinking. So I went back to my source html files on my hard disk, opened them up in Notepad and resaved them with Unicode encoding, rather than the default ANSI.
On reuploading them to Netlify, it seems to have fixed the problem, with the Thai text displaying properly now.
eg https://inspiring-euclid-a3a47d.netlify.app/isaan/isaan.html

Great that it’s fixed.

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