Umlauts are incorrect after form redirect


I’m using the Netlify Forms and I have a question: When I fill out the form on

I get redirected to

and it shows me the umlauts incorrect. When I visit directly, the Umlauts show up correct.

I’m using the latest Firefox version, it seems to work in Safari and Chrome.

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Hey @ndee,

It sounds like you’ve been busy looking in to this! I must admit that I am British so I’m going off my best guesses here!

Are the umlauts showing off-centre? If so, I was able to find this which may be a good place to start.

Hey @Pie

nah, they are not off-centre but rather look like this:

It should say “Danke für Ihre Nachricht”.

I think I found the error: Netlify injects a <script>-tag with the form data that has been submitted directly after the <head> and if it’s longer than 1024 characters, Firefox cannot get the charset declaration.

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That’s some top notch diagnostics! You’ve beaten me to it - it looks like one for the team to take a look at.