Enabling SSL on my Subdomains

I have a subdomain that I created. it’s mail.mettaprotocol.io and there is no SSL on it.

Sorry, the forums don’t exactly work like this. We are here to provide insight to the problem you are facing and help you fix it yourself. Besides, we do not have access to your site’s domain config.

If you haven’t already done so, add this subdomain as a domain for your netlify site. If you have already done this, it may be related to DNS propagation (please wait 48hrs for this to complete).

Kyle I have seen some people got helped by Laura with the same issue here. Well if I was wrong it’s OK. So even if the domain name is netlify, I’ll have to actually add a subdomain name as if a new domain name?

Yes that is correct. As well as configuring a subdomain with your domain provider, you also need to add this subdomain to the Netlify site if you want SSL.

You can do that here:
Site settings > Domain management

I tried adding mail.mettaprotocol.io as a domain; here’s the message I got
“Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not a subdomain (eg. mettaprotocol.io, not mail.mettaprotocol.io)”

Can you please take a screenshot of where you are attempting this :slight_smile:

Kyle, here’s what happens. I created that subdomain using DNS in Netlify, and connected it with DNS on a platform where I got my professional email services. Do you get it? I add it under my site as a domain again as the mother is mettaprotocol.io already connected there. Should I add the mail.mettaprotocol.io also?

Without screenshots of your current config, this is hard to pick apart.

Site 1 with root domain (mettaprotocol.io)

  • Domain is registered under this site

Site 2 (this is the site you want to have the subdomain)

  • As long as the root domain is registered with Netlify (even on a different site) then you can follow this process:
    Site 2 > Site settings > Domain management
    [Add custom domain] > *insert your subdomain* > [Add subdomain]

Let me know how this works for you :slight_smile:

Sorry please do not share your DNS records. Just the domain config. see below