Enabling branch deploys for a site that doesn't use netlify DNS

I’m not using netlify DNS but I would like to try out branch deploys. As mentioned in the support article, I have set up the cname for “beta” for eloquent-nightingale-7289b6. I would like to add the subdomain ‘beta’ to the cert.

Also should I be making a post here every time I want to add a new branch subdomain?

Thanks for the great product!

Hi, @rahul-sundaresan. If you are not using Netlify DNS then, yes, we must manually update the SSL certificate when new branch subdomains are added.

Note, I’m not seeing the branch subdomain DNS record for the primary custom domain here:


I do see a beta subdomain for the root domain, but the root domain isn’t the primary custom domain.

Here is an example. If the primary custom domain is example.com then the branch subdomain would be beta.example.com.

If, however, the primary custom domain is www.example.com (similar to this site) then the branch subdomain would be beta.www.example.com.

Before we can update the SSL certificate we need the DNS record to be created following those guidelines. ​Please let us know when the record exists and we’ll extend the SSL certificate to cover it. If there are any questions or concerns, please let us know.

Thanks for the response
I set the www version as the primary custom domain because I’m a strong proponent of yes-www :wink: and I want non www users to be redirected to www.

So if I’m understanding this correct, I can only get beta.example.com as a branch domain if my primary domain is example.com correct?
branch domains can only be subdomains of the primary domain

I tried adding beta.example.com as a domain alias in the dashboard, then added a CNAME record for beta with beta–eloquent-nightingale-7289b6

>Resolve-DnsName beta.patandvenky.com

Name                           Type   TTL   Section    NameHost
----                           ----   ---   -------    --------
beta.patandvenky.com           CNAME  300   Answer     beta--eloquent-nightingale-7289b6.netlify.app

Even though I can see beta.patandvenky.com is a CNAME of the branch deploy, visiting that shows me the production branch

Sidenote, is there a reason why domains aren’t issued wildcard certificates? It would give a lot of flexibility in domains

small bump on this? :slight_smile:
I would prefer a beta.patandvenky.com domain

Sure thing, just got that configured for you.

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