Enabled analytics but it doesn’t work since yesterday

Good day!

I have moved my website to Netlify (priceless-yalow-1aa1e2) and have enabled the analytics addon yesterday. At that time, I’ve seen a few page views and unique visitors (me + somebody else).

Then, a bit later (still yesterday), I have finished setting up the custom domain (using Netlify DNS, domain = ilonacodes [dot] com). After the domain setup was complete, and SSL certificates fully issued, I’ve published a new blog post on this site and shared it in a few places. I know for sure that there was some traffic on that page (because I have received likes, shares, and positive comments on Twitter about it).

The problem is that analytics of the site still sits at 5 views and 3 uniques from yesterday. See the screenshot:

I hope that this is something that can be easily fixed. Also, I hope that this is not related to the order of setting up (analytics set up before the domain).


Hi there,

Analytics data is not provided in realtime - there will be a delay of a few hours. I see reasonable looking data there now; does it look better to you now too?

At the time of writing, the analytics was not showing for about 20+ hours (which doesn’t sound like a “delay of a few hours.”

Also, yesterday morning it stopped working again. See screenshots:

As you can see it says that the data is up to May 26 (11:00 AM), even though it is May 27 (3:38 PM) right now (that’s more than 24 hours lag).

I have the same issue. It’s been several days now. The sites in question are fabsh and privatecitizen. Please do fix this issue. The Analytics feature was a major reason for me to switch to your service.

Hi everyone: I have just posted a notice here:

With more information. I am going to close this thread to keep conversation in one place, but feeback and comments are welcome on the new thread linked above. thanks.