Email submitting contact form data error

After submitting a form on my contact page, there is error code after submitting : it seems that our mail server is not responding. Please try again later!
Please help me

@Obistann Can you supply a link to your site?

The error that you’ve mentioned isn’t a Netlify one, so it’s likely you have form handling on your site that is trying to submit to somewhere that doesn’t exist, encountering a 404 for example, and then showing an error message that it has built in.

Thanks for the heads up, how do i Fix this?

@Obistann As I’d guessed your form is trying to post to /contact.php

And the error that is being displayed is being shown by your site code

To fix you should adjust the form according to the Netlify documentation:

If you encounter further issues the support guide is here:

Okay, I will watch the recommended video and article. Thank you

Please stay tuned. I will update if there are problems I faced

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