Email receiving issues with Netlify DNS and Hover email forward

Hey Netlify community,

I’m having some intermittent issues receiving emails. Enough that I know there is a problem.

I have an email forward setup with for thats forwarding to a gmail account. I’m using netlify DNS so I’ve added the hover MX record which is:


to Netlify.

Any pointers to help find the issue would be greatly appreciated.

@mischacolley Welcome to the Netlify community.

Your DNS seems properly to be set up. Are you certain this is a DNS issue and not an issue with’s system?

Finally, does this help at all?

Hi, @mischacolley. Our support team is happy to troubleshoot our DNS service but we cannot troubleshoot the email delivery itself.

We don’t provide an email service at Netlify. We don’t have access to the email servers for this domain and we are not able to troubleshoot those systems for that reason.

We do provide the DNS service for this custom domain and our support team can troubleshoot any DNS issues you find.

Do you have DNS records not working? If so, what DNS records are not being returned?

If there are questions about this (or what we do and do not provide technical support for), please reply here anytime and we will do our best to find answers.