Eleventy Starter Ghost for version 3.0

The Eleventy Starter Ghost template has been updated for Ghost 3.0.

I just tested the Deploy to Netlify button. It’s working well so far.

If anyone has some insight into this issue, it would be great to resolve this before the Jamstack Conf Virtual.

Hi, @bauhouse, based on the issue, it sounds like there is a file being created on the filesystem with this
relative path and name:


Normally, I would expect the file to be named just this:


Everything including and after the question mark (meaning ?v=188b8b6d743c6338ba2eab2e35bab4f5) looks like URL parameters which because part of the filename. Are you intentionally the naming the file this?

If this is the case, Netlify doesn’t support having a literal question mark (?) as part of a filename.

If this build does not create a file with that name or if there are other questions, please let us know.