Edge Functionss and custom domains

Hello there!

Completely understand Edge Functions are still new, though this issue seems less to do with an edge function and more DNS related.

Two sites, with identical HTML/CSS and Lambda/Edge Functions, both created and deployed using Netlify CLI

On both sites everything works correctly: press a button; see a response: Hello World! or Hello from the Edge!

The issue appears when using via the custom domain.

For both custom domains the lambda function works.

In the case of coelmay.com, the Edge Function works, but for coelmay.org it does not: 404 Not Found is returned.

Using the getSite API endpoint it appears all site configuration (other than name, ID, et.al.) is the same.

The only difference (I know of) between the two is the DNS. coelmay.com it is configured externally (Cloudflare; unproxied), with A and CNAME, and coelmay.org is configured in Netlify DNS.

Is this the expected behaviour? A bug? Or me?

Hi, @coelmay. For coelmay.org you have a Netlifriend plan team and that team is using the High-Performance Edge Network. Edge Functions only work on the Standard Edge Network currently.

So, for the custom domain using this Netlify DNS on the Netlifriend team, Edge Functions will not be available. It is working for coelmay.com because that uses the external DNS instructions and is pointing to the Standard Edge Network:

Records for the apex domain (type = A):
coelmay.com.		300	IN	A

Records for www subdomain:
www.coelmay.com.	300	IN	CNAME	coelmay-com.netlify.app.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Thanks @luke. 'Tis all about the DNS.