Edge functions error


Currently getting an error, and I have no idea where they’re coming from:

◈ Loaded edge function netlify dev handler
✘ [ERROR] Could not resolve "../vendor/esm.sh/v91/next@12.2.5/deno/dist/server/web/spec-extension/request.js"

      1 │ import { NextRequest } from '../vendor/esm.sh/v91/next@12.2.5/deno/dist/server/web/spec-extension/request.js'
        ╵                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

✘ [ERROR] Could not resolve "../vendor/esm.sh/v91/next@12.2.5/deno/dist/server/web/spec-extension/response.js"

      2 │ import { NextResponse } from '../vendor/esm.sh/v91/next@12.2.5/deno/dist/server/web/spec-extension/response.js'
        ╵                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

✘ [ERROR] Could not resolve "../vendor/deno.land/std@0.175.0/path/mod.ts"

      3 │ import { fromFileUrl } from '../vendor/deno.land/std@0.175.0/path/mod.ts'
        ╵                             ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

✘ [ERROR] Could not resolve "../vendor/deno.land/x/html_rewriter@v0.1.0-pre.17/index.ts"

      2 │ import { ElementHandlers, HTMLRewriter } from '../vendor/deno.land/x/html_rewriter@v0.1.0-pre.17/index.ts'

I do not have any edge functions installed, I tried removing .netlify/, node_modules/, package-json.lock, …

Used the command netlify dev to start up.



This was supposed to be fixed by this release: Release plugin-nextjs: v4.41.1 · netlify/next-runtime (github.com). Are you using that?

I used to, will check if it’s still somewhere in my setup.

Unable to find any trails of it in my package.json file. However it still gives errors locally.

It seemed like the GUI had an automatic “Next.js” detection enabled, from the previous version of the app I was working on. It’s fixed now thanks.