eCommerce on JAMstack

Hey folks,

I’m still quite new to JAMstack and Netlify, but it really interests me. I’m a WordPress developer and I want to use the JAMstack approach for my new project but found hard to replace some functionality that WordPress plugins provide.

I need an eCommerce shop for selling templates that need to be regularly updated. That means I need to have the ability to create a user’s account on the purchase and give him access to file storage where the template is.

I know how to do it in WordPress, but if I don’t want to use it, is there a way to have something like this with JAMstack? I want to use Paddle or FastSpring for the eCommerce layer. But for now, I can’t figure out what to use for user creation and for file storage.

Maybe someone has already built a similar project with JAMstack? Or could recommend services for this kind of functionality?

Thank you!

Hello Jacob, have you taken a look at Snipcart? It seems to meet what you are describing. Happy coding!

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