Dynamic Location/text insertion

Hello all-

I am fairly new to using static sites and was looking for some help.

Would anyone be willing to work with me on creating dynamic location/text insertion using geolocation of ip addresses.

It would be the same thing that unbounce landing pages use except for jamstack

Right now I am using stackbit to create and edit the website

Hey @sonicjackson1991,

This sounds more like a collaboration request than a support request. While we cannot collaborate (but will leave the post open in case someone else wants to), but from a support point of view, we can guide you to the things that you can use to achieve this.

  1. Netlify Redirects: Redirect options | Netlify Docs

You can setup different versions of your site and redirect using the above feature.

  1. Netlify Edge Functions: Here’s an example: Serve localized content | Edge Functions on Netlify

Thanks Hrishikesh!

How can I find someone to help me with Edge functions to serve localized content. I am not familiar with coding so am looking for help.

As I mentioned, we won’t be able to allocate time to help you code the function, and I do not have any other example handy than the one already shared. You can try looking for developers on various freelance job portals.