IP Geolocation & Headers data should be optionally set in a cookie

I have a suggestion that would significantly improve the utility of Netlify’s IP geolocation feature, by passing this information to the client browser by means of a cookie.

It works as follows:

  1. When a visitor visits a website, Netlify’s edge performs geoip lookup and (optionally) sets a cookie e.g. netlify_geoip.
  2. A clientside app running in the browser could read the netlify_geoip cookie and get the geoip info.
  3. Any app that didn’t implement this cookie would just ignore it.

Such a method could also make request headers available to the app.

At present, there’s no straightforward way of doing geoip in a clientside react app. This is the kind of feature that makes it easy, and is what makes Netlify a dream vs roll-your-own.

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Hey Chris,

Got it logged when we spoke about this in the Helpdesk. Would love to hear more on this from the community!

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Would love this feature!

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