Dynamic CSP integration nonce not appearing

I turned on the dynamic csp header integration for our feathery-dashboard site project. However, I’m not seeing the nonce being returned as part of the CSP when examining a recent deploy preview. What needs to be done to get the nonce showing up? Based on the help article, it seemed the integration only needed to be turned on

There seems to be some kind of error when running the build,

3:58:09 PM: dynamic-csp-buildhooks (onPreBuild event)                     
3:58:09 PM: ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
3:58:09 PM: ​
3:58:09 PM: Failed to parse incoming hook body.
3:58:09 PM: SyntaxError: Unexpected token % in JSON at position 0
3:58:09 PM:     at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
3:58:09 PM:     at file:///opt/build/repo/.netlify/plugins/node_modules/dynamic-csp-buildhooks/integration.js:82:31
3:58:09 PM:     at _buildHooks.<computed> (file:///opt/build/repo/.netlify/plugins/node_modules/@netlify/sdk/dist/integration/index.js:92:24)
3:58:09 PM:     at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)
3:58:09 PM:     at async Object.run (file:///opt/buildhome/node-deps/node_modules/@netlify/build/lib/plugins/child/run.js:25:5)
3:58:09 PM:     at async handleEvent (file:///opt/buildhome/node-deps/node_modules/@netlify/build/lib/plugins/child/main.js:28:42)
3:58:09 PM:     at async process.<anonymous> (file:///opt/buildhome/node-deps/node_modules/@netlify/build/lib/plugins/ipc.js:91:24)

I am also unable to get CSP working

@bo-dun, we’ve replied to you in the helpdesk.

@Gelbotron, please share a site name.