Duplicate Builds on MR Commits

Each time we have a deploy preview built the code is built twice (sitename: diagnosticsolutionslab).

I’ve seen this topic covered a few times here however none of those posts seem to solve the issue for me. Below are the posts I’ve reviewed and compared against my project config.

I do not have 2 GitLab webhooks configured, I’ve checked.

But I do however see that events are being triggered multiple times in the GitLab webhook log.

Below is a screenshot of the 2 push events. One has the before and after commit hash as the same value and the other has 2 different hashes… not sure if that has anything to do with the issue.

In the Netlify build logs I see that the previously completed build gets triggered again then the new build. Then on the next build the cycle continues, Netlify builds the last successfully commit again, then the new one.

Any help would be appreciated!


That sounds like a problem. If GitLab is triggering a hook twice, we would build twice. You might want to check with GitLab why that’s happening.