Deploy triggered from repository hosted on Gitlab

I’ve only noticed this happening recently. I have my site connected with a gitlab repo. and whenever there’s a new push to the repo, my deploys are triggered twice. I watch them build and publish in series. I’ve attached a screenshot to demonstrate what I’m talking about. Anyone know how to fix this or what’s causing it?

Hey Jon,

I’ve seen this from time to time if somehow more than one webhook has been registered to initiate a build.

Take a look in your repo on GitLab and seek out the webhooks for your project. https://YOUR_REPO_URL/-/settings/integrations

If there is more than one netlify webhook registered, you should be able to just delete one of them so that your future activity only triggers one build at a time.

Could this be it?


Thanks! This did the trick!

It also explained why I couldn’t figure it out. I thought it was a Netlify setting / issue, not a GitLab setting, so I never thought to look there.

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thanks @philhawksworth! glad i worked out for you, @jonchin!