Domain Verification Assistance

We are hoping to get some assistance in the domain verification process. This post indicates that we can reach out and your team can verify the domain for us if we set the appropriate TXT record. Which I believe we have done:

We’re hoping to avoid the few minutes of downtime that can occur when we have to adjust the DNS to point a CNAME/ALIAS at Netlify, then wait for Netlify’s certificate automation process to complete.

Site Name:
Site ID: 1a9af142-0b52-4ddf-b187-f514d2412b85
DNS Host:
Desired Domain Name:

Hi, @dsmith. The domain is already associated with that site. The DNS verification process is used to removed domains from other accounts and sites at Netlify. As you already have the domain associated with the site you want it linked to, the DNS verification process doesn’t apply to your site.

The only way to avoid downtime due to SSL errors when changing the DNS configuration for this domain would be to upload a third-party SSL certificate to Netlify before you make the DNS changes. The SSL certificate should be in PEM format for upload to our service.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.