Domain Transfer?

I have a domain ( registered with GoDaddy. Last time I checked, Netlify was not able to accept that transfer. Is that still the case? Thanks.

hi there, did you see this guide already? If this is applicable to you, you can complete this process easily yourself!

if not, please post in the #admin section of the forum, letting us know the relevant information we need, such as netlify site name, domain, etc.

I don’t think this guide applies to me. Last year Netlify told me that they were not able to act as Registrar for a domain that ended in .nl. I just want to know if this situation has changed. Thanks.

the best thing to do in this case is to submit a transfer request on through the drop down menu on the right. Just chose “dns/site transfer”.

Are you saying that Netlify is now able to act as Registrar for domains that end in .nl. Or are you saying you are not sure?

I sent a support request but was told I needed to ask the question on this forum. So I’m back here, lol.

The situation has not changed, when you try to register a .nl domain through the admin panel it still says .nl domains can’t be registered through Netlify.

@Engine44 - customers who are using our service for free are able to contact us to complete site transfers using that form and selecting the site/dns transfer.

@tomrutgers is correct - you cannot purchase .nl domains through us directly, because .nl domains currently require the purchaser to provide additional information that we can’t currently process with our UI. we are working to expand the list of TLDs that can be purchased through Netlify directly, but at the moment that isn’t yet posslble (lots of other country specific domains also require quite a lot of additional information that US domains do not. it is an expansive project…)

It has always been possible to register domains externally through a different registrar, including .nl for example, or, any other registrar you prefer. Then, you can contact us through the support form to complete the transfer to Netlify’s DNS once it is registered.

@Engine44 - if you want to transfer one site to another that has a .nl tld, you’ll need to purchase that domain externally for reasons described above, and when you have completed your purchase we’ll be happy to help you out if you need anything transferred :slight_smile:

let me know if that clarifiies things :muscle:

Thanks. I believe I can use NameCheap and then transfer to your DNS.

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