Domain ownership error

“Another site is already using this domain” error trying to set custom domain “” on site “astounding-kelpie-4c45c8”, Support info: 4508ca94-3bf9-4d71-974e-021dce49e8db

I own this domain through another service provider. I entered the domain into my domains list before I built the astounding-kelpie site from my repo. Then I got this error when trying to add it to this site as the custom domain. Should I not have added it to the domain list first? I went ahead and deleted it from the domain list in the hopes that it would clear this error but it persists. Please advise.

Hi @duhnlic,

That domain seems to be active on some other site. To prove your ownership over the domain, please remove one (or all) of the Netlify nameservers and let us know so we can remove the domain from the other site.