Domain Alias Pages

I am looking to see if there’s a way that a domain alias can have it’s own page instead of having to be setup as a redirect.

To give an example of my situation I have a few domian aliases and with no redirects they all redirect back to the primary domain, but I don’t want this, I want them to each have their own page and contents, it’s setup as “domain1.example/domain1” and “domain2.example/domain2” etc. I want it so if you search for “domain1” it does not redirect to the primary domain of “domain0” and hopefully it will display as “domain1.example” with its own contents different from “domain0”.

I have left my below.

You can simply set up a new Netlify site for each subdomain. Here’s an article about that:

Unfortunately this is not what I was asking or looking for the solution for as I want to retain them as domain aliases so they are all interlinked.

Do we have any solutions for this or should I just continue with my current setup.

Domain aliases don’t automatically redirect to the primary domain. You’re free to do your own routing for each alias.

Making this thread in the hopes of getting support got me nowhere :man_facepalming:

Okay, if you still need help, please try explaining your issue.