Domain ; After adding a domain 404

The current website was working fine , a few days ago when I accidentally removed the domain. I am now receiving 404 Error page (system error)

I am using Cloudflare for the Domain , the current domain is

Somehow its just stop working, I have removed settings from the Cloudflare and have redid everything once again but same error.

A Settings

;; A Records 1 IN A 1 IN A


Interestingly , I have another website deployed on the subdomain that is working fine at

Your site has a domain. Did you create and deploy this on Gatsby cloud?

Yeah , its deployed on the Gatsby Cloud

Anyhow, I managed to solve this issue by connecting with Netlify :slight_smile: Probably it was something to do with mapping of the domains internally in GatsbyCloud

Yes likely something to do with the acquisition. Glad you got it sorted :slight_smile: