Does NetlifyCMS support incremental building with Gatsby?

According to this Netlify blog,, NetlifyCMS is NOT one of the supported CMS for incremental builds where Gatsby is used along with Netlify hosting and NetlifyCMS. But I want to transfer an existing blog site with 50,000+ blog articles. This only makes sense if a new blog article triggers an incremental build, not a full build. Is it possible?

Netlify CMS is a React app that runs in the browser, which takes care of changing data files in your Git repo. It only saves changed files, so I’d say it supports incremental builds just fine.

If you want to run incremental builds on Netlify, you’ll have to enable the build plugins beta. There’s an excellent step by step guide here:

I have now followed that Netlify blog on incremental builds to the letter. The result so far is an INCREASE in build time! After doing all the steps, I made 1 change, of one blog article file, and the deploy log indicated that a Gatsby cache had been set up. I then uploaded the same blog file with another simple change, the deploy log said “Found a Gatsby cache. We’re about to go FAST.” but then proceeded to build the entire site (131 new files loaded, as previous builds). What is going wrong here?

I can send the deploy log if useful. What is odd is that I use MDX with plugin, and Netlify shows the html of each post as part of the log. This makes the log file particularly long for a big build.

I’d suggest reporting your build plugin situation here: - since that feature is still in beta, that’s the place the team is looking for feedback exactly like yours :slight_smile: