Does Netlify support subfolders?

I am trying to deploy some ui components on Netlify. However, it is not recognizing my index.html files inside the subfolders. Hence nothing is showing up on my deployed site. Also, all 3 index files have links to each other.This is my file structure

├── ui-components
    ├── blog-cards
    │    └── index.html
    ├── login
    │    └── index.html
    ├── ads-manager
    │    └── index.html

Do I have to delete my subfolders and bring out my index files for it to deploy on Netlify or is there any way around it?

hmm, this should work. Do you have a live site we can take a look at? This might be a config issue we can tweak.

Here is the live site: []
I am simply using the drag and drop feature to deploy my pages. Git or GitHub is not being used in anyway.