Does changing the site name affect access to large media


I would like to change my site name. Are there any issues that I may not know of regarding referencing the data that I have in large media? I’m assuming that I will just need to change the link. For example,

source srcset=“” media="(max-width:280px)"

Will be changed to:

source srcset=“” media="(max-width:280px)"

Just want to confirm. Thank you! I appreciate it.


Hi, @christinajoshi. It should be fine to change the site name while Large Media is active. However, if I’m mistaken and it does cause any issues, please let us know as it can be fixed.

Again, I don’t believe it will cause any issues. If it does, the solution will be for us to delete and recreate the Large Media instance. Once that is done all that will be left to do is to run this command below in the local repo and then to trigger a new site deploy:

git lfs push --all origin

​Please let us know if you do see any issues or if there are other questions.

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Thank you so much, Luke. It’s good to know you guys can help if there are any issues.

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