DNS Zone Conflict

Background: Successfully deployed a site (kevinhermancreative.com) using my domain registered with goddady.com. Foolishly deleted the site then re-deployed it only to receive the “Awaiting External DNS” under the Domain Management. Tried selecting Setup Netlify DNS and received the A DNS zone for this domain already exists on NS1, the DNS provider backing Netlify DNS when trying to Add DNS. Selected the Netlify Support link to open a request and was told that either some other company has already configured a DNS zone for this domain at NS1 or a zone has previously existed on Netlify. In either of these cases, a new zone cannot be created. What I don’t understand is the zone file has to exist on Netlify as eveything worked perfectly prior to me deleting my site, there’s no other company that could have configured it.

What I have tried to do is reset my DNS Records at godaddy in hopes that it would revert the zone file - though I’m not entirely sure how this all works. Below is the current godaddy.com DNS record.

Following is a screenshot of my current Netlify Production Domains.

After resetting the goddady DNS I keep running into the same issues above. I guess my question is, in laymen terms, how can I get this resolved?

site: kevinhermancreative.netlify.app
url: kevinhermancreative.com
dns host: godaddly

Duplication / continuation of Awaiting External DNS - Deleted site but Deployed it again using same domain and nameservers

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You are seeing Awaiting External DNS because you having added the required records to use your domain with Netlify. Read through the following documentation

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